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Highways, wildlife  & mitigation measures
Road ecology
_DSC6612 Livestock fence in sagebrush ha


Jakes, A.F., P.F. Jones, L.C. Paige, R.G. Seidler & M.P. Huijser. 2018. A fence runs through it: A call for greater attention to the influence of fences on wildlife and ecosystems. Biological Conservation 227: 310-318.

Marcel Huijser, road ecology research and consulting
Road ecology. Wildlife underpass and overpass. The crossing structures allow wildlife safe passage to the other side of the highway

If you need help with a road ecology topic (e.g. human safety, biological conservation, economics), please contact me to see if my colleagues and I can help. Core areas of expertise: Identify the problems, formulate solutions, and assess the economic costs and benefits of mitigation measures along highways aimed at reducing wildlife-vehicle collisions and providing safe crossing opportunities for wildlife.

Are you looking for images of highways, wildlife, nature or mitigation measures? Visit my photo website to browse through thousands of road ecology, wildlife, landscape, and travel photos and contact me if you would like to use an image.

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